Prioritizing Safety on the Jobsite this Chinese New Year

Because they have learned from their mistakes and failures in 2017 and they want to make the necessary changes to transform their life for the better and invite positive energy to a brighter and more prosperous future, people are striving for perfection in every little thing that they do. This goes especially true for young students out there who want to prove their worth in school, make their parents proud, get high grades in all of their classes and bring home stellar report cards because they know fully well that quality education will certainly help them succeed outside the four walls of the academe. And if they stay the course and avoid all sorts of distractions and external noise that can lead them astray them from the right path of wisdom and enlightenment, they just might have what it takes to enjoy lucrative careers as doctors, lawyers or even politicians calling the shots on their high perch in city hall.

                But there are also poor and unfortunate souls who just do not have the means, resources, financial capability and golden opportunities to enjoy quality education because they are struggling just to survive and make their way in this world that can be quite cold and unforgiving. And that is why they have no choice but to get the first job that is available and more often than not, they become blue-collar working stiffs who must earn an honest day’s pay by the sweat of their brow. But this does not mean that other folks should patronize them and regard them with self-righteous indignation and condescension as inferior human beings because they are the unsung heroes of the modern world. Using their uncanny skills sharpened through the years as well as power tools and heavy machinery that are upgraded with crawler crane spares and other auxiliary attachments, they make the world a better place behind the scenes without grabbing the limelight for themselves.

                Since they are important cogs in the wheel of the bigger picture without which everything will surely crumble to dust, these people should prioritize their safety first and foremost this Chinese New Year especially when they are using Kobelco crane parts on the job site. This goes especially true for breadwinners and parents who have young children and entire households depending on them because they will perish and grow cold and hungry without anyone caring for them. Therefore, it goes without saying that workers should always adorn themselves with protective wear and safety gear like heavy gloves, steel-toed boots, hard hats, reflective vests, googles and harnesses to make sure that they are safe in case of accidents and untoward incidents.

                They should also listen to their supervisors, managers, foremen and other higherups all the time because these people in authority know what is best for everyone involved therefore they should always hold meetings and conduct onsite inspections to make sure that everyone is on the same page and working cohesively as a unified team. Last but not the least, these workers and employees should also undergo training workshops and seminars because this will help them become more competent, effective and highly efficient in the respective positions that they hold.  

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